Wishes for Christmas and more

I know it’s a bit soon for this card by Leendert Jan Vis – but in wishing everyone a merry Christmas, I want to make some wishes for the New Year as well already. But through this medium I’m going to concentrate on a few faithful bloggers.

I know wishes are to be wished at New Year (together with resolutions and all) – but I like being a little unconventional and am going to do some now as well.

To Appelbloesem (mother of Appelmoez):
that she keeps on rocking like she does (and either post something on that blog or just delete it!)

To Captain Picard:
that there will always be fun on the Enterprise and that the stories may captivate new visitors on deck.

To Sqt:
that she can enjoy her new house with her family and that she can continue to guide us with her book reviews and fun posts.

To Stuart Sternberg:
that he one day will read a Pratchett and enjoy it (kidding) – that the Detroit Tigers have a good year and that his publications will keep coming and amaze.

To Lucas Peterson:
that now he is a published man, he will keep it up and use that great skill of his for storytelling to conquer many readers’ hearts.

And last but most important of all, to HarryDean:
that he keeps on being amazing, kind, gorgeous, making me smile and laugh. You have conquered my heart and soul completely.


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