Control (2007)

As said many times before (mybloglink), I wanted to see Control by Anton Corbijn. Well, it finally happened. I went, I looked and listened. Now time to write.


It’s about Ian Curtis’ life in his final years. How he joined a band called Warsaw that quickly evolved into Joy Division. You see how he falls in love, what energy he put into Joy Division, how he struggled with his epilepsy and how he clearly lost control.

I’ve not given you much of the plot, because … well … then you don’t need to see it anymore. That’s not the point.

picture: original band members of Joy Division


I’ve got to be honest. My main motivation was the guy who made the movie, Anton Corbijn. I love him as a photographer and music video director. So imagine my surprise when on the credits he was not named as cinematographer or director of photography – but some other guy.

Still, it was shot entirely in black and white (which I appreciate) – much to his style. And that was also where my main focus fell on, to tell you the truth. During certain shots, mainly the concert scenes of Joy Division like “She’s lost control”, my attention kept being drawn to how the light and shadow shifted on Ian Curtis’ face (played by Sam Riley).

I did learn new facts and got to know more about Joy Division. It still impresses me that he died at 23. So young and so troubled.

I liked the movie. Truthfully. But somewhere I expected something more. Maybe it was because of the anticipation I had building up for some time – that I expected to have a bit more waw-feeling. I know the comparison I’m about to make is worlds apart, but when I saw the movie Chaplin (1992) with Robert Downey Jr., I was so in awe about that – it really left me moved and made me want to know all to know about Chaplin. Here with Control, I did visit YouTube and ransacked my brother’s CD collection in search of a copy (Still (1981)). But I fear that my interest will pass sooner than my other sudden obsessions have. Although… weird as I am…. it can still occur later.

To knit an end to this post: it is a good movie – beautifully put into scene but just bear in mind it is documentary-like in its style. As is to be expected in a way.


2 thoughts on “Control (2007)

  1. Fab

    Thank you Captain! A pleasure as always!Again a great TWQ on your blog.And a very Happy Christmas to you too! (Don’t forget Dr Who on Boxing Day on BBC – Kylie Minogue is his sidekick; very odd).

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