Repo Man (1984)

Time for a new post, don’t you agree?

What shall I write about? I know, a weird but fun movie – which I doubt many have seen. (Although I keep being surprised… so am carefull with my statements).

I saw this recommended movie and was surprised in a very good way.

Although, I must admitt, there are some parts that have left me clueless and with many questions – but that only shows that I found it worth overthinking about.

As in the title, I’m talking about Repo Man with in the leads a young Emilio Estevez and the now-more-than-ever-before-known-to-me Harry Dean Stanton.

A young punk (Estevez) gets fired from his job at the local supermarket. He gets tricked into stealing a car by Stanton. Estevez soon finds himself at a little repossession agency with the stolen vehicle. Reluctant at first, he get’s initiated as a repo man and under the wings of Stanton he learns everything there is to know on the repo man code and how to trick people in to getting their car impounded.
But when a warrent is out for a mystery Chevrolet, the repo men and the competitive Hispanic repo men set out to get it.

The movie takes a really weird turn when aliens get involved cause of what is hidden in the trunk of the Chevrolet (and starts killing people). And the CIA that chase them are as out of tune with reality as can be.

Now I know the plot line sounds … how will I put it … bonkers. And the warning I put doesn’t speak in it’s favour. But let’s face it: many movies labelled “cult” are. And this one is actually pretty entertaining and good. (If you don’t mind frowning from time to time in wonder).
Not being a fan of Estevez (to be honest – only saw him in teen eighties movie “The Breakfast Club”), he was great as the angry teen punk. But who I really was amazed by was Harry Dean Stanton (and not for the reasons you might think – you know who you are – hint hint). He really has a presence in this little movie. And the dialogues he has are delicious to hear. (If you don’t mind the occasional swear word, that is). He made me laugh at times, and things like that win me over.

The movie theme song Repo Man was written by Iggy Pop. The whole soundtrack contains punk music. In 2008, as a tribute to the movie, the album will be re-issued including a track by The Talking Heads (as you can read about on Wikipedia, FYI).
My favorite quote from the movie is this one made by Bud (Stanton), not because of the contents necessarily, but how he said it and without taking a breath while doing it:

I shall not cause harm to any vehicle nor the personal contents thereof, nor through inaction let that vehicle or the personal contents thereof come to harm. It’s what I call the Repo Code, kid. Don’t forget it–etch it in your brain. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.

To cut it short – I do think you should be in the mood to see this one. And be able to take it as well. Not your ordinary, mellow movie. But it’s nice to have seen it. Even if just to rant on about it. I enjoyed it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Repo Man (1984)

  1. Fab

    I did in fact see “Hedwig and the angry Itch”! That guy was very full on! I couldn’t stop watching that guy – impossible not to. Strange, not many know that movie. (Or so I thought.)

  2. Stewart Sternberg

    Some cult films are better than others, and this is one of those that deserve to be revisited from time to time. I think its darkness and creeping sense of the absurd keep it fresh.A couple other cult films worthy of attention: “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “May” (don’t see May if you have a weak stomach or are don’t like horror)

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