My man, Anton Corbijn

I don’t know what it is, but I seem to have a fascination for whatever the man produces.

I already posted on him, just to inform you who he is, what he does and why I like his photography: mybloglink.

As said – repeatedly – I wish to watch his movie “Control” on the final years of Ian Curtis’ life (from Joy Division). And the praise and the awards seem to be stacking up.

Now this is a sword that cuts too ways, cause I have noticed that things that get too much praise and attention end up disappointing me. Not that I’m that difficult to please. As you might have noticed, I try to find at least something likeable in anything – not always possible. And there are things you have to appreciate after several viewings…. but I’m getting off track here. The other hand is, that it could really be a gem this “Control”.

Today I read on the news website of the Flemish tv channel VRT ( that Corbijn won 5 prizes at the British Independent Film Awards in London. Where it already had nominations in 10 categories.

Anyway – I should take some action and get myself to the theatre before it is no longer played and I have to watch it on a small screen (the horror!).

I just find it great he stuck to his style of black and white, Corbijn I mean. People today are too much against it – don’t know why – but some things are powerful and edgy-er when colour is taken away, when distraction is taken away…

I do hope to catch another exhibition of Corbijn, but hope he’ll show more than what he offered in Antwerp last time.


2 thoughts on “My man, Anton Corbijn

  1. Fab

    Waw you’re quick! I just posted this!Well it’s not a mainstream movie. So I guess it’s not much advertized.Glad you stopped by. I’ll try and do the same at yours. Always a pleasure to see you.

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