Ikiru (1952) by Kurosawa

Hey readers,

It’s been a while, I know. Am doing my best to blog more frequently – but till now I have mainly been visiting blogs than really posting.

What have I been doing? Well working… and working… but that is paying off, so no complaints.

I’ve been the the film museum again; seen Akira Kurosawa’s “Ikiru” (1952).
It is not an easy movie to watch. Not only for it’s length, but because the second part of the movie is cut in a very strange way and in my opinion it could have been shorter.
That said, it is a great movie. The character of Kanji Watanabe is a sad one – cause you see how he lives his life (monotonously), how his relationship with his son is (lovingly, but distant – mainly due to the son’s wife), and the fact his days are numbered and he knows it…
But the struggle of the old man, how he wants to enjoy life but can’t cause knows it’s final, is impressively put on screen. How a single girl, an ex-employee of his, inspires him to put his final day to great use.
It is a great movie to watch but only if you are prepared to give a little. By that I mean, you need to get prepared to bite through some of the parts – but it is all worth it. And an upside: there is humour to be found, if you pay attention!

2 thoughts on “Ikiru (1952) by Kurosawa

  1. Fab

    Yeah, I know. Thinking Kurosawa is mainly thinking samurai movies. This one is nothing like the others. But does star an actor who appears in most of his samurai movies, though.

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