Grosse Point Blank (1997)

I am watching more movies lately than reading books. Odd.

Anyway, this movie was last on BBC. Being fond of John Cusack (still loving High Fidelity – mybloglink – the most), I just had to see this movie, seeing I heard so much about it.

And for some of the lines or one-liners alone, it is a gem!

Martin Blank (Cusack) is a professional hitman – but finds himself frustrated and pressured by his competition (Aykroyd). He decides to go to his high school reunion at Grosse Point, a town he left behind very abruptly on prom night – leaving Debi (Driver), his girl back then, in a $300 dress with no word or sign in 10 years. But the reason for going back to Grosse Point is also to do one final hit – which he doesn’t want to do after meeting up with Debi again.

Hm maybe just read this or just go out and get the dvd! Much easier cause hard to summize… like too much of what was in this movie to be somewhat coherent here!
Well Cusack as a hitman is something I never thought I’d see. Still pretty convincing, expecially gruesome when he kills a guy in a very intense fight.
Not being a big fan of Minnie Driver, I was surprised by her alongside Cusack. She was fun, aloof and a pleasure to watch – which I don’t feel about her in most movies.

I always am delighted to see Joan Cusack – sister of – playing alongside John. Nice to know – two other sibblings played a part as well… up to you to find out who they are!

Something to look forward to is the relationship between Blank and the psychiatrist – a relationship of fear mainly. But pretty good and funny scenes.

And finally the soundtracks (volume one volume two) to this baby (punk, post punk, new wave, ska …): all independent but good 80’s numbers.
The Violent Femmes is played a lot and ‘Blister in the sun’ playes at the end! The Pixies, The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen…
Seeing the high school reunion was of the class of ’86, very fitting and worked great in this movie. Oh and the score was written by Joe Strummer from The Clash (if you just went “who?” on me – be ashamed, very ashamed!)

2 thoughts on “Grosse Point Blank (1997)

  1. SQT

    I loooooove this movie. It’s silly but so fun. I’ve never had any particular feelings about Minnie Driver one way or another, but I think she worked in this one. Dan Aykroyd as a fellow hitman was a nice bonus too.

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