Chungking Express (1994) + Tarantino commentary

I just finished watching Chung King Express (1994) by Wong Kar Wai and I liked it a lot.
Actually it are two stories in one movie, but with a good transition from one story into the next. Both stories center round to cops, both dumped by their girlfiends. The first cop decides to fall for the first woman that crosses his path: unfortunately she is the leader of a drug smuggle… and refuses to tell him whether or not she is fond of pineapples….
The second story is about a cop who goes to a take-out place every night. The new waiter girl is fascinated by him. His ex girlfriend drops by one day to hand over his keys… waiter girl decides to enter his home and starts to change his life behind his back…
The men in that movie are really silly and made me smile. Eating 30 cans of pineapple over a girl that dumped you = admirable! One can for each day he gave her to get back with him. And how desperate he was to find someone to get over his ex girlfriend! Calling a girl he sat next to in the 4th grade out of desperation! Made me laugh.

And that other cop! I like the way he talked to things in his house and didn’t notice the many changes made by that girl who burgled into his appartment and shifted stuff .

I noticed that in this movie they played “Dreams” by The Cranberries in an Asian version at the end with the credits. The Asian version sounds better, although the text in English is nice to know for the meaning behind it.


Oh found a comment by Tarantino – and he explains the French New Wave (La nouvelle Vague – a very significant movement in cinema of the late 50s and 60s!) as well!!

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1 thought on “Chungking Express (1994) + Tarantino commentary

  1. Good review, Fab.The Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation is now on my Journal!

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