The wondering wanderer

I got the sudden urge to write. Not being a writer, it is a very strange sensation. That and maybe I shouldn’t have watched an entire DVD box with masterpieces from the director Wong Kar Wai. Don’t be alarmed, I did not rip off the DVD’s – it is my own little scribble of a text. I may regret putting it out there, but I feel words should not be deprived existance, how bad or silly they may seem together in the form of a text.

He is not from this city, yet he know it by heart. He knows every inch of it and morphs into it like a vital element of its being. How a boy can be so in tune with it’s surroundings is beyond her.

A place she’s known all her life seems suddenly fresh and new and exiting. All because he walks in it. And she walks though it with him. As if a veil had been lifted from the grim looking city and turned into a vivid and beautiful place in front of her.

They walk in silence, which she desperately tries to kill with babblings of sorts. She needn’t, cause their silences are ones with meaning and understanding. It is unique to find someone to just be silent with. Still the sudden and honest outbursts of laugher she can get out of him because of her babblings has become something she looks forward to every time they meet.

And when not together, she imagines… she figures he’d probably be out walking the streets; looking at people, watching their busy-ness, mingling in the crowd and being taken up by the city in its darkness, yet its evening lights as well. Thinking of her and how they could be walking together – sometimes in utter silence – sometimes in foolish conversation… and it does not bother her he wanders like that, because it is part of his charm, and who he is. A boy who wonders and needs to be roaming free.

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