Movie heritage

I’ve recently discovered some nice institutions who do everything to preserve the movie heritage of the world and alternative films.

Like the Royal Movie Museum , Flagey and Bozar (Musée National des Beaux Arts); where old and excentric movies are played for practically no money at all!

Last I saw a movie that was very different indeed: a Taiwanese movie called “Rebbels of a Neon God” from 1992.

But in the lobby, while waiting in line to buy the tickets, they showed on a tv screen The Kid by Charles Chaplin – while that movie was playing at the theater as well (you had to pay for it). Stupid people – I’d just stay in that lobby all day if I’d have to if I could watch movies like that!

I guess I’m in a mood or a period to go explore things that aren’t forced onto me by the media or what not. Seems I keep coming back to strange movies or very old ones.

Wonder if it’s a phase, but guess I has always been a bit in me… to go explore the unknown… where ever it is or whatever form it takes…

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3 thoughts on “Movie heritage

  1. There is a fine movie heritage. We have to keep viewing the old ones.

  2. Stewart Sternberg September 28, 2009 — 9:30 PM

    Having been a movie critic, I am a fanatic when it comes to film and a supporter of film restoration. It is tragic how many culturally and historically important works have been lost. I first realized how serious it was when someone showed me a “washed out” version of “Jaws”, made in 1977. Thank God they swooped in and saved that from damage. However, when one stops and considers how many films have to be rescued and how many more there are, it’s frightening.

  3. yeah now you mention it – seeing how many are produced a year, there will be a lot of jobopportunities in the futur in restauration (although with recent technologies….)

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