Shrinkage in size and slow abandon of blog

You may have noticed that from the 130 posts I have put here in the past 2 years, I’ve only left about 23. Why?

My motivation for this blog has gone. I bearly have the time anymore to put things on it and several intrests have shifted.

I know I have talked about the possibility for some time now – but honestly I don’t think I have the strenght anymore to occupy myself with it.

I have appreciated the comments made and have kept the posts as drafts just in case.

So this is it really – it has become much easier to check things on the net, than to put things on it. So prepare yourself to see this blog diminish over time.

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5 thoughts on “Shrinkage in size and slow abandon of blog

  1. Oh, Fab..reconsider. We need you!

  2. Stewart Sternberg September 28, 2009 — 9:20 PM

    shrinkage in size…don’t use those words lightly. As for blogging, I’ve stepped way back from my blog, publishing maybe once a week. Ask yourself what you want from your blog and what you’re getting from it. If you aren’t enjoying it, then cast it aside. Why do something that isn’t pleasurable?However, I get the feeling you do enjoy a sense of community.

  3. yeah well the title was meant to catch attention – and I’m not a guy so that’s not a problem.Yeah well, I do like my little blog and the little community I’ve become part of. You are all so dear to me. Truely. But I keep comparing myself to you guys and I shouldn’t. Maybe it’s ok just to post something once a week. And having some content, rather than profusion and a whole lot of nothing.But Stewart, I appreciate you commenting and stopping by again. Hope you appreciated my comment/post a bit on Pratchett.

  4. Stewart Sternberg September 28, 2009 — 9:29 PM

    By the way, I did appreciate the comment on Pratchett. I have decided once Halloween is past to go and read several of his works. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  5. really? thank you.I sometimes have the feeling that i’m not really contributing to anything … blog-wise. Maybe I’m just a bit down cause inspirationless and not enough time to work on it.I’m so glad to have a faithfull visitor like you, Captain my Captain!

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