Making Money by Terry Pratchett


A new Terry Pratchett has come into my possession: Making Money.

Hoping to have enough time to read it – but I’ll have to.
Again with Moist von Lipwig, we know from Going Postal. A great humoristic character… so this promises…

Here is the link to get some info.

My humble opinion will follow.


6 thoughts on “Making Money by Terry Pratchett

  1. Fab

    Yeah, Sqt, I’m a bit carefull because I liked Going Postal so much. I must admit there are some Pratchett’s I just never finished (Monstrous Regiment)… they can’t all be to your liking – unfortunatelly. But I’m willing to give it a chance…

  2. Stewart Sternberg

    Fab, I want to ask a question, and I mean no offense. What is it about Pratchett that is appealing to you? I haven’t read his books, although I’ve been tempted. I did read “Good Omens”, which was drop dead funny and brilliant, but I’ve never been sure how much was Pratchett and how much was Gaimen.

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