Home Fries (1998)

No, not another chick flick. Although this could be what you think for these reasons:
– it stars Drew Barrymore
– her love interest is Luke Wilson
– because of the lovey-dovey poster you see to your left.

Actually, for a chick flick there  a few too many death attempts and psycho-thriller manipulation. But that said, a good and entertaining movie.

Sally works at a fast food restaurant and is 8 months pregnant of her married ex-lover. That ex-lover swore to tell his wife it was over and stopped by Sally’s work to say so.
Unfortunately for him, that very evening, his two step-sons Dorian and Angus (Wilson and Jake Busey) want to teach him a lesson for cheating on mom: they accidentally kill him. But mom still wants to know who the foozy was her husband cheated on her with.Of  course, as you might have seen it coming, Dorian falls for pregnant Sally, the mistress of his dead step-father.

Dorian: I’d like to be the father-to-be.
Sally: You can’t be the father and the brother! That’s the kind of thing that messes kids up!

I’ve seen this movie for the second time and still find it very entertaining. Catherine O’Hara is hilarious as the scorned mother, Beatrice Lever. Her wish for revenge is so strong and how she manipulates Angus to do her bidding is something.
Barrymore is endearing as always. Totally overpowering Dorian (Wilson) with her sweetness, which makes it harder for him to keep her safe from his family murderous streak.

If you don’t know what to rent at the video store, but you want some laughter, thriller moments and sweetness, then this movie combines them all. And the soundtrack in this movie is great.

More info click here or here.


4 thoughts on “Home Fries (1998)

  1. Lucas Pederson

    Interesting…I’ll have to check this out. You’ve convinced me to take a gander. I despise chick flicks, as most heterosexual men do, but since this really isn’t one, I’ll have a look see. By the way…if you see a movie int he video store titled “Bug” starring Ashely Judd, don’t rent it. It’s a complete bore. You rent it thinking your gonna get freaked out, but instead wind up sleeping through half of it. Just my opinion.

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