25th hour (2002) by Spike Lee

Yesterday I saw this movie and thought “this is the first movie in a long time that took my interest and kept it”.

Edward Norton plays Montgomery “Monty” Brogan who faced a conviction for dealing drugs and has about a day of freedom before going to prison for 7 years.
The story is not told in a straight forward way. You get flashback from time to time and suddenly you find yourself back in the continuation of the story. I get that this is confusing for some, but once you know this it is actually good.
You see Jacob Elinsky (Hoffman), a teacher, struggling with his feelings towards one of his students. He feels this is ethically wrong to be attracted to a 17-year-old girl, but can’t help it.
Norton is again great, and that coming from me – who had to warm up to him as an actor. He can be violent and scary, but somehow you can still feel sympathy for him as Monty.
The scenes are nicely put – I mean the set up and the camera angles. That’s what made me stick to one channel instead of flicking away. It’s really beautifully done for a crime movie.
Another pleasing fact is that the story, as I said before, is not straight forward. So keep yourself ready for some surprises near the end.
And even though it was Tobey Maguire who should have played the part of Monty (instead produced), I’m glad he backed out. Who else but Norton could have played this tough character. I just can’t picture Maguire…
If you wish to know more details click here.
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1 thought on “25th hour (2002) by Spike Lee

  1. This is a new movie to me.

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