How some last episodes don’t fullfill… ya know

 Recently I saw the last episode of the Veronica Mars series and was very disappointed. Bear in mind that the third season was cut short unexpectedly… the CW decided to stop the show 2 episodes sooner than supposed to. But what the frell (pardon my farscapism) what’s that ending? Everything was set up for her FBI internship? What about the Logan outburst of defending her honour? Will Keith stay Sheriff or will that creep and low life Vinnie be voted for the job?

I know, it’s just a show, but closure people! It’s Star Trek Voyager all over again! (I get that the crew eventually got back to earth and that B’lanna and Paris were to become parents at that exact moment they get out of the wormhole, but I missed any waw-effect which I expected from Voyager…). And I haven’t even started on Stargate SG1: last episode was a good episode – with the trapped in momentum thing and living a lifetime trapped there. But not a “show’s finale” to me! I hoped to be surprised like I was with episode “200”, which was brilliant. Compared to Farscape (and I mean before the Peacekeeper series), these endings are just plain. Farscape’s finale was shattering. Literally.

Maybe I’m difficult to please. Although that seems impossible, I almost watch anything (except Prison Break of Vanished or Point Pleasant).

I don’t know. I just wonder, how many out there are disappointed by some show’s last episode and which one was it?

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2 thoughts on “How some last episodes don’t fullfill… ya know

  1. Star Trek TNG was a good coclusion: ‘All Good Things..’

  2. Oh I hate it when this happens. Especially when they have enough time to at least <>try….<> Though the Joss Whedon method of killing off main characters doesn’t really work for me either. Yes, I’m hard to please. My biggest fear is that BSG is going to be woefully cut short. I want a decent ending darn-it!

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