Working girl

It’s been busy for me so blogging has not been a priority of mine this past week.

I started a new (my first) job this week, which has been an overload of information and emotions, I can tell you. But I am glad I’ve got so well received. Everyone is very nice and helpful, and I do hope it will stay that way. Working takes the large part of our lives, about 8 hours a day you spent at work, with colleagues – so making it work at work is very important. Otherwise, it’s very depressing, isn’t it?

But working 9 to 5 (how Dolly Parton!) has been something to adapt to. I’m feeling like a working girl already! (But not in the Melanie Griffith-movie kind of way…).

I’m still reading American Gods by Neill Gaiman, and I must say it is a strange book. I’d hoped to be much further through it. When reading Anansi Boys and Neverwhere, I hardly spent a week reading. I know he set out to write an odd book, so I can’t say I hadn’t been warned.

In the meantime, I got Stardust by him, a much slimmer book but maybe a storyline a bit more likeable. I want to read it before the movie comes out here.

I’m so glad the fall has started again on tv. Fellow couch potatoes, I salute you!
New episodes of Bones, My Name Is Earl … I’ve chosen not to follow Lost anymore. I just cannot put up the effort anymore. Sorry. As much as I liked the first season, the second didn’t leave me hungry for more and the third couldn’t get me bothered. (How Catherine Tate!)
I’m sad that Veronica Mars and How I Met Your Mother will end soon here, but it’s been fun watching these shows this summer.

I recently bought the latest album by French singer Vanessa Paradis, ‘Divinidylle’ (Can’t always be rock/indie music!). I like it a lot, except the ballad called ‘Junior Suit’. I feel the album could have done without it. But over all a poppy, rocky, French album.

I’m dying to see the new Jason Bourne movie!

On a different note:
I’m trying to decide wether or not to go on with this blog. A lot of time to spent on the blogosphere will be limited from now on. Having things to post, ideas or subjects is not been fruitful these past weeks. So I find myself with a dilemma. Although I like to visit other blogs very much and will continue to do so, I’m not sure to keep this one going. As a fellow blogger once said, without a great hook or original approach a blog hasn’t got a long life on the net. I will keep you informed on my decision and any comment will be gratefully read and pondered on.


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