Lately I’ve been watching this series called Hustle (wiki-link) It’s a BBC series on London con artists and I find it very entertaining. There are 4 seasons and a fifth will be aired soon, I think. I have only seen a couple of episodes yet.

The con artist (and actors):

This week I saw the episode called ‘old acquaintance’ from season 2. It was a con on a former husband of the gang, Stacie, who left her with one day with nothing but a cactus and a borrowed Phil Collins cd. The husband, an avid poker player, gets conned into an exclusive poker game. Suddenly the actors turn to the camera and teach us, the viewers, how to play Texas Hold ’em Poker.

Now, by checking out the BBC website, I noticed that the leader of the Gang, Mickey, has gone. A new character, Billy, is introduced as the Rookie. I hope that this will not make the show less enjoyable to watch. Mickey was the best one, the artist con man with all the ideas…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean-Luc Picard says:

    A show for all those ‘Sting’ fans.

  2. SQT says:

    We don’t get this one here. Maybe soon though…

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