I’ve been a Pixar fan since I’ve seen A bug’s life. The way they turned animation around and innovated it is incredible. And they use humor in a way Disney doesn’t. I know they merged companies … still I find Pixar pretty unique.

Many other creations followed (I am aware that Toy Story was their first, but I – as with most things – go about things in different orders). And not being a child anymore hasn’t stopped me from watching these movies. Even though I do have an excuse as auntie, but my nieces and nephews watch dubbed versions. I prefer the original English ones.
When I saw the trailer for Ratatouille, I immediately knew I wanted to see this one. But I was prepared to see it dubbed in Dutch. Why on Earth for? Because I wanted to take my little godson (the pirate on your right).

Last Friday I took the little guy to the cinema. As a 4-year old he has already been plenty oftimes, so that was fine. This time it was special for me, because we were going alone. It’s a godmother kind of thing. I was so proud of him. He didn’t run off or throw a tantrum. He shared his popcorn and soda: “It’s alright, you can take a sip.” He did get scared when Rémy (the rat) almost drowned. Yet when he saw the rat was alright, he beamed “I wasn’t scared at all.”

Rémy, unlike his rat family, does not enjoy eating garbage. He has the nose for fine food and good ingredients. This is why he prefers sniffing the kitchen instead of the garbage bins. Another thing he likes to do is stand on his back little feet, not to get his little hands dirty. He likes to taste his food instead of what he stepped in during the day. But what he really likes to do is prepare his food. His big example is het great Parisian chef Gustav Gusteau, who wrote the definitive cooking book: Anyone can cook.
It might have been too long a movie for small children. But fun-filled none the less. I think it’s great it shows kids what cooking is all about and the rules of the kitchen. I mean that. My godson now yells at anyone who doesn’t wash up before touching anything in the kitchen. These past couple of days he has played with the plastic kitchen and plastic food, cooking away.
The animation in Ratatouille is even better than the previous Pixar movies. The whiskers of the mice are so lifelike. The chase scene in the middle through Paris was high paced and nicely done. And how they portrayed how it feels when you tasted different ingredients … yes, I mean ‘how it feels’, but you have to see that to understand. It’s a delicious movie, and I’m willing to take seconds.

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