Casino Royal things (?) (I don’t know how to title this post)

I can’t seem to get the theme song from Casino Royale out of my head.
I’ve checked the website of Chris Cornell for the lyrics to You Know My Name. It also features on his latest CD called Carry On .If you’ve never heard of him, well I pretty much doubt that. Almost in every top 100 or top of the 90s features Black Hole Sun with the band Soundgarden. And as I mentioned in my earlier post, also Audioslave.

So, this is what I just can’t get out of my head:

Two other video’s I liked, but this is British humour – not always to everyone’s liking, are found in the following links:

Oh and a fact I found out, if you know many French movies that is! I had never seen Eva Green (Vesper Lynd – love interest of Bond), yet her face was familiar to me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. That’s because I didn’t know she’s French. Her mother is Marlène Jobert, well-known actress and author. I didn’t make the link because her mother has red hair. But the eyes are definitely similar.

So that’s it. Hope it’ll keep you busy. I’ve put enough links in here to last you an afternoon of surfing.
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4 thoughts on “Casino Royal things (?) (I don’t know how to title this post)

  1. I looooooove Chris Cornell! I was a big fan back in the grunge days when he was with Soundgarden and did the Temple of the Dog album with Eddie Vedder. I wore that tape out. I have You Know My Name on my ipod and I listen to it all the time. Great song.

  2. Very cool, Fab! I just loved Casino Royale. You might be interested in my review of it on my blog, The Alien Next Door ( I also noticed that one of your fav movies is Peacekeeper Wars…That’s SO COOL! I am an avid Farscape fan.

  3. Yes, another Farscape Fan!! I’m very pleased to have you visit my blog. I will visit yours soon. Just back from a trip at the coast, so much blogging to do to catch up.

  4. A super mixed bag, Fab!

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