Yeah baby, it’s a movie extravaganza!

Seeing free time is for the time being the main thing I possess, I have devoted it to watching movies. No, I haven’t turned into a couch potato (and I know at least one person who would question that statement – you know who you are and I resent that!).

Ok, the three movies I’m going to give my two cents about are:

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
  2. Casino Royale (2006) – with Daniel Craig
  3. Ghost Rider (2007) – with Nicolas Cage

Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

1 – Harry Potter V

Being the hottest day as of yet, a trip to the cinema meant mainly that they had airco and I was in desperate need of it. No, not true, I was curious about HP. I’ve read some reviews stating that too many storylines were cut, the length of the movie was considerably shorter than the previous ones and blablabla …

I definitely felt a darker tone throughout the movie. The stakes are higher for the characters and Harry is growing up. Having read the book, I did notice that the plots were simplefied. It is the thickest book of the series, but it would be naive to think a movie adaptation would be an exact copy. To me, the movie didn’t suffer from certain storycuts. As long as continuity is logical, they succeded. I still prefer the books to the movies, but to me this was not bad. I was entertained and that the important thing. Fiennes is really creapy and sells the part of hidious/frightning menace very well. And Ratcliffe is getting better with each movie. But then, you’d expect him to get more comfortable with his character after playing it for so long.

I did imagine the ministery differently in my mind. But that’s always the case. When reading HP, I still visualise ‘my Harry and my Hermione …’, the ones I had imagined when I first started reading. Imagination is a powerful thing and it’s hard to switch off.

2 – Casino Royale

Just FYI: of all the James Bond movies, I always preferred Sean Connery. The other ones never got me to watch the movie all the way through with much intrest. I will have to reconsider that. All that hooha about a blond Bond. He won me over with his blue eyes immediately! No seriously, he’s a very convincing actor. And I liked that the character does make mistakes. He is a top secret agent, but can make bad calls as well. It makes him more human and believable. I hope they will keep with this line of work, because I really enjoyed this Bond. Oh and having Chris Cornell (former Soundgarden/Audioslave) sing the theme song, was a bonus point to me.

The DVD extra’s are interesting. It explains the difficulties they had obtaining the rights to the very first Bond book by Ian Fleming. Because Casino Royale is actually about Bond’s first double O status. That’s what makes this movie stand apart from the others: you see Bond evolve, make mistakes and understand why his character turns out to be so cold … and the choice for Craig can only be applauded (is that English? I hope it is.)

3 – Ghost Rider

My brother talked to me about this DVD, but I honestly had never heard about this movie and certainly not about the comic books. But then I don’t know that many Marvel comics to begin with. Apparently, critics obliterated it. Yet it didn’t stop people going to the cinema.

It’s a very entertaining movie, but I doubt I would have paid to see it in the movie theatre. It’s more for home viewing. The part of Johnny Blaze or Ghost Rider seemed to me a not so typical part for Nicolas Cage to play. Dyeing his hair black made his face look so serious and stern. That while there were a lot of comical elements, especially from his part. I did not like the ending that much. Ok, a deal with the devil (Peter Fonda was great) can only go two ways, but still … I was very disappointed with how it ended.

Now I am aware I have not given you, reader, much to go on with these reviews (if you can call them that), but I feel you should watch them and enjoy them. Find within them your own frustrating parts and parts you really enjoy watching. Because in the end, it is all subjective. don’t let the opinions of others deprive you of a good movie.


5 thoughts on “Yeah baby, it’s a movie extravaganza!

  1. Lucas Pederson

    I have yet to see Harry Potter and Casnio Royal. Ghost Rider I have seen and I didn’t think it was that bad. Yeah, the ending wasn’t what I expected, but it was pretty cool. Another great movie is 300. If you have not seen this movie, get it. It’s awesome!!!!! If not for the story get it for the visual aspects. It’s a work of art. Anyhoo, that’s my 1 1/2 cent. Talk to ya later!

  2. Fab

    I’ve already seen Casino three times this week. And the week hasn’t even finished yet. (Overkill maybe? I don’t care!) It’s been a very long time since I have been so exited about a movie. This new grittier way to make Bond is fantastic.

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