It’s too warm…


At the moment it is too hot to be sitting behind the pc. I’m taking some time off.

There’s nothing on tv, friends are at work or on vacation, finished reading and am not in the mood for anything because it is too hot outside.
So seeing I have no idea what to comment about or write about, I’m just going to do nothing for the next couple of days but get outside and spend time with the kids in the sand. Which is welcome, after those past months of hard work.
Keep well.

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4 thoughts on “It’s too warm…

  1. Too hot! I wish I could say that once this year!

  2. Yeah well, a week ago it was cold, I had to wear winterclothes to keep me warm in the morning. It’s always in extremes here. Hi Sage. Doing nothing isn’t that hard. Looking how others work is quite satisfying…

  3. That’s a wonderful photo–makes me long for the seashore. Enjoy your time outside, kicking back, doing nothing! We all need such breaks on occasion.

  4. Here here, taking a break is a beautiful thing. I’ve been way less active on my blog lately.

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