On the BBC a few days ago there was a programme where bands re-recorded the famous ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’-album by The Beatles. I only saw a bit: The Kaiser Chiefs recorded ‘Getting Better’ and Brian Addams sung the album’s title song. It was good. They recorded it with the same people who recorded it at the time (1967) with The Beatles originally. The style and conditions it was recorded in back then was very different to today’s way of working on albums.

I can’t comment on the other artists collaborating in this attempt, but the Chiefs and Brian were a good version of the original. I once posted I’m not a fan of covers, but if they are done well they can be brilliant.

I have now been listening to that original Beatles album for some days now. It is quite different from track to track. I understand from the notes that was their aim. So I now also understand why this album has been an inspiration to many and considered revolutionary at the time: the experimental sounds, new ways of voice recording and such … that makes it interesting for me to listen to it closely. I’ve not been a fan of The Beatles. I know many of their songs because they are so popular on radio stations. And even at music lessons in high school they were popular material to learn about music. But for me, after seeing how the guys back then went about recording it, it has me interested in it in a different way.

So it seems that for me, not only music, harmonies and guitars take my interest. I like the stories around it. I don’t mean gossip or so. I mean how music comes to be, is created and evolves from someone’s mind, to a team/band effort and finally the result to this day.

If any of you have a band or album you find amazing, or would like to share, please feel free to do so. I love getting to know new things or rediscover old things in a new way. If you know of a good back story to something, I’m all ears or in case of this blog, eyes…

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  1. Many have said that if ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ & ‘Penny Lane’ had been on it, as was planned, it would have been the best album ever.

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