Hellboy (2004)

Yesterday they played Hellboy on tv. Again, a comic by Mike Mignola made into a movie. It’s by Guillermo del Toro with Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Selma Blair as Liz Sherman …


Hellboy was brought forth at the end of World War II to bring about the end of the world. American soldiers found the creature and thanks to professor Bruttenholm the creature is saved and turned into the soldiers mascot, who name him “Hellboy”. The professor raised him as his own son to become a protector of mankind.

Sixty years later, the professor fears for Hellboy if anything were to happen to him. He sends for a young FBI agent John Myers to come to the Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense, which is run by Professor Bruttenholm. Hellboy, not pleased to get a babysitter, will have to rely on him when the man who summoned him all those years ago, lets loose the hounds of hell on the world…

Detailed plot found here.


I liked the Hellboy character a lot. He’s witty, speaks his heart and has a kind of New York attitude. Sometimes he acts really adolescent when it comes to Liz. Very funny to see a physically strong character show such emotions.

Visually it’s well done. Storywise, I have some issues.

Please excuse me for possible spoilers. But repeatedly, during the story it is said that the hell-hounds, when killed, will duplicate themselves. We, as viewers, see it happen on different occasions. Yet when Hellboy, Liz and John find themselves confronted with a hall full of these creatures and Liz burns them all none resurrect. Ok, you can say that the resurrections aren’t immediately, as shown before in the movie. Yet after that scene, they are not confronted with the creatures anymore. Not logical. There’s another issue, but I’m going to keep shoosh about it, not to spoil it.

Even though, I find some inconsistencies, it still is a good movie. I loved watching it, for Hellboy alone it is worth it.

Official website.


3 thoughts on “Hellboy (2004)

  1. Stewart Sternberg

    I LOVE this movie. I thought the plot was tremendous fun and the action rocked. I keep telling people that Hellboy is one of the closest films they are going to find to a mythos adaptation. The monster at the end is pure Lovecraft.There is also an animated film available with the principles doing voice over.

  2. SQT

    I liked this movie, but like Fab, had some plot issues at times. BUT, I loved the characters and would totally see the sequel. I need to go watch this again, it’s been awhile.

  3. Fab

    I will be on the look-out for that one. I enjoyed this movie so much.It’s sad I only learn about American comics through movies. Normally it’s the other way round. It’s how I learned about Fantastic Four, but Stewart, I know how you feel about that movie, so I best don’t go there.

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