Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett


Murder happened in Anhk-Morpork. Nothing unusual. Except this time, the Assasins’ Guild was not involved. Commander Vimes of the City Watch is left with several clues: arsenic and clay. And an attempt on the life of the Patrician has Vimes puzzled, but not for long. And is there a conspiracy among the golems? How can there be, seeing they aren’t alive and mechanical beings? He’s got his work cut out for him.


Very recognizable characters with all the traits of human nature: recovering alcoholics, politicians, racism (anti-werewolf comments are expressed), feminism (one dwarf at least tries to stand up for his – sorry, her right to wear lipstick) and a possible coup d’├ętat.

A who-dunnit with suspence, manipultation, humour and at least one vampire!

New technologies such as the yellow wagon clamp (Anhk-Morporkian law states that loading or unloading a wagon should be limited to ten minutes)…

It’s only logical to read it if you’ve read the previous ones.

You don’t need to have read the previous ones to read this one.


A good read. The story never skipps a beat. You get to know the characters, how they relate to each other and how difficult it is to trust your differences with others.

My favourite scenes are when Commander Vimes has to work his medieval version of a Blueberry, which consists of a little box with a little imp inside. The imp always addresses Vimes as “Goodmoning, Please Insert Name Here, you had an appoinment yesteday at 2”. Vimes doesn’t think the damn thing is of any use. Vimes never bothered to read the manual of the thing. It was a present of his wife.

An excerpt can be found here. More on Pratchett, as usual on the official website.


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