Anton Corbijn: photographer extraordinaire

I was cleaning out my wallet and getting rid of the excess in pieces of paper, when I suddenly found a ticket to the museum of photography of Antwerp. I forgot I had it. A year or so ago I went to an exhibition of the photographer Anton Corbijn with my sister.

Anton Corbijn is from The Netherlands and is known for directing videos for Depeche Mode (Devotional / Exiter tour) and U2 and the artwork involved. He has photographed a lot of musicians and actors, but instead of choosing a stylized look, his photographs tend to be raw and put the subject often in an a-typical setting. I like his style a lot.

He has photographed Metallica, Anthony Kiedis, Johnny Cash, Danny De Vito, Madness, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, Bauhaus, Nicolas Cage, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Therapy?, The Killers, Kraftwerk, Kylie Minogue … the list is too long.

I enjoyed the exhibition in Antwerp, but was a bit disappointed that it was so small. A name like his deserved more than just two halls. Besides, most of the exhibited pictures I already knew from the photo book we have. I was hoping for different work to be exhibited.

You can check out his official website and click on the images to get info on the shot.


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