When vinyl records were at their prime…

I heard on the news today that Zola Tayler died today at age 69 (which is young). Who is Zola? She sang with The Platters, who were big in the ’50s with songs like ‘The great pretender’ and ‘Only you’.

Now you might think, “that’s way before your time, girl”, how is it I know The Platters?

My parents had an extensive L.P. collection. Records of Count Basie, Miles Davis, the Duke (Ellington), Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald … all the great ones. It’s the music of their youth and they introduced me to it. I remember putting on the record of The Platters and loving the harmony in which they sang.

So why post something about Zola? I read that actually she was a pioneer in her time. In the ’50 there were many male bands or all female bands. But she was the first woman to join a male band of singers; introduced to soften their sound.

I find it interesting to know what my parents listened to in they youth. What you listen to in your youth often accompanies memories. You can hear a track on the radio and be pulled back in time, relive a moment or think of people you haven’t thought of in ages. I hope I will look back in the same way. And hopefully I can bore my children with silly anecdotes and complain that in my youth things were better. Ah, the circle of life!


4 thoughts on “When vinyl records were at their prime…

  1. Lucas Pederson

    Well then…I will have to check this group out. My grandparents listened to a lot of older music, but alas, it was all courty music. Urk! Perhaps that’s why I hate country music now days. Proably not, but I gotta blame my hate on something, right? Okay maybe not…ah hell. Great post!

  2. Fab

    Thanks. Although I sometimes do feel that in my posts you can sense I’m not a native speaker of English … or a good type writer for that matter. But it’s the contents that are important.Harry Connick Jr. I know as an actor. Although I think my sister has a cd. Lucas, I know what an overdosis of music can do to you: you father isn’t an opera fanatic by any chance? Mine is … well, it’s something I can blame him for anyway.

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