PUSA can turn a bad day around

Any band who can write lyrics with kittens, peaches, puffy little shoes, bugs, Death Star, or chicky in it and still be worth listening to, deserves some credit. Guitars roaring, drums being pretty loud … now that’s my kind of thing.

I like the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously. Perfectly shown in the song ‘We’re not going to make it’ on the album Pure Frosting where they sing:

“We’re not going to make it, cause we don’t have the talent, we don’t have the time, we don’t have the patience and we don’t know how to rhyme …”

In my blog heading I put ‘like wondering boots’, which I heard in ‘Bath of Fire’ from the album II. The boots have a life of their own and lead a pretty interesting life:

“I let my thirsty boots wonder all over and they come home with lies about women …”.

Musically, you might not find it ‘beautiful’, but it rocks and you can sing along with it really loudly. My favorite track is ‘Love Delicatessen’ from Pure Frosting.

Official website: http://www.presidentsrock.com/

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2 thoughts on “PUSA can turn a bad day around

  1. That’s a new one for me, Fab. Thanks for highlighting them.

  2. The only songs I have heard from them are Lump and Peaches. Hell, I didn’t even know they had more than one album. I’m going to have to check these guys out. I love those two songs so maybe I’ll like their other stuff too. Thanks for the post, very interesting. And thanks for stopping by my blog!! You left a comment on Stewart’s saying you had, I’m glad you liked the story. Next time please feel free to leave a comment. I like to see new faces. Anyhoo, talk to ya later.

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