La cuenta de mis vacaciones: Asturias, tienes mi corazón para siempre!

This weekend I went to a Spanish event, fiesta de la amistad (party of friendship) for the Spanish community from Asturias. Think of it as in folk terms, with traditional food, drink and music. And as usual, I sat and observed the experience from behind my glas of wine.

It made me think of my trip there about two years ago. I went to Asturias for 3 weeks and it made a big impression on me. I haven’t travelled a lot: twice to Italy (Toscany mainly, Lucca, Sienna, Venice – the tourist kind of places), to Paris, Barcelona and The Netherlands. A big contrast with the north of Spain. The only tourist there are the Spanish themselves. So I was pretty helpless with my French, English and Dutch. But I survived none the less.

My adventures took me to Gijón, Cudillero (a fisherman’s town), Cangas de Onís to Roman artifacts, Cabrales to a fantastic food fest, through Llanes to a fantastic beach…

So this party this weekend was a lot like the one I’d been to in Mestas de Con, near Cangas de Onís. Very ‘folk’. I must admit that in Mestas, I participated more in the festivities than at the Asturian fest here. I didn’t feel that comfortable dancing in such a crowd. I have crowd issues. It takes me a while. Ironic actually, because you can be ‘inconspicuous’ in a crowd. You just blend into the mass. A shame, but then again, I had a lot of sidra to drink, so the evening was lively enough for me.

I like the fears I overcame. We went to the mountains, Picos de Europa, trekking through them with a guide. Not being of the adventurous persuasion, I had some difficulties overcoming some height issues; looking down into an abyss right next to the path made my stomach go all whoopsy daisy a few times. And the assent with the teleferique in Fuente Dé, you know, a cabin on a dubious cable with 20 people in it when it is designed for 12, all wobbling the damn thing for amusement while you try to convince yourself you are not going to tumble into an excruciating death to meet your creator. Going at the speed of light (slight exaggeration) to a hight of 400 metres… When I found out where we were going, I was dead against it. Now I am glad I followed it through, because the view over the mountain tops was the best sight I’d ever seen. (will include the picture of me later).

Anyway … I hope I can experience the same pleasurable vacation again some day. There is more of Asturias to get to know! I would go there in a heart beat if only I could afford it soon. A place that produced a legend as Fernando Alonso (Formule 1), can’t be half that bad, can it?

I would like to thank my sister for having invited me and her Spanish husband for showing me his beautiful country, family and … a very good time!

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6 thoughts on “La cuenta de mis vacaciones: Asturias, tienes mi corazón para siempre!

  1. Wel, then the north is worth a look. There were Celtic settlements and it had a big influence in that region.

  2. Well described Fab. This year, I am going on a cruise in June/July to Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Holland (Amsterdam) & Belgium (Bruges).My favourite destination has been Egypt. The pyramids of Giza were fantastic.

  3. Thank you. Ireland is one of the destinations on my wishlist. Bruges, I visited 2 years ago. Sometimes it’s also worth to check out the places in your own country. You can find riches you never considered being there before.

  4. Ah, that is something I’m hearing for the first time. I have never heard anyone falling out of love on vacation. I guess it happens. But apparently it was a good experience for you, Holy Queen of Whirlyball.

  5. I loved Spain. It is where I fell out of love. Very freeing.

  6. I sort of wanted to visit that region myself, mostly because I think part of it is on the pilgrim’s trail to Compestela (which I have always wanted to walk for historical reasons). But I am happy to visit most places in Western Europe for the history 🙂

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