Lyrical Mozarts’ balls

(Got your interest now, don’t I? *wink wink*)

It has been days and still it’s gnawing
somewhere deep inside it hides
it still resides, wanting to take over
and give in to the craving, the hunger…
lying there it’s taunting me
luring me with its promise of satisfaction
oh, when I think of undressing the confinement in which it is wrapped
I would shred it to pieces
to smell that fragrant smell of sweetness, the dark chocolate coat with its bitterness inside!
but it’s the last of its kind, alone
one not yet devoured in haste like its peers
now I regret my foolish actions
one remains
on my table in its box
each day
for me to see

Being lyrical about a treat can be considered insane, but bear in mind that these chocolates come from Austria and are hard to come by. Mozartkugeln or Mozart balls are filled with hazelnut nougat and pistachio marzipan praline centers, draped in dark chocolate. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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