The master storyteller’s debut novel

Although I’m still reading ‘Dead Famous’ by Ben Elton, I’m also reading ‘Feet of Clay’ by Pratchett at the same time. But in all honesty … I thing ‘Feet… ‘ will be finished sooner.

Anyway, going through my bookshelves, I got hold of this thin little book which is an amazing story about a civilization on the edge of destruction … living in a carpet!

The Carpet is home to several tribes, kingdoms, violent and murderous creatures and a strange phenomenon which occurs without warning, cause of destruction and disappearances!

The Carpet People was published in 1971 for the first time. Pratchett wrote the book at age 17. It didn’t have that much success. But when the Discworld novels began their successful life of their own, Carpet People became interesting again. Pratchett revised and rewrote the book again in 1991, which makes the book I read a joint effort by Pratchett aged 17 and Pratchett aged 43.

What I liked about it, was the strange setting in which the story and the battles took place. Seeing the title on the cover gives you an idea of what’s in store, yet in the book the carpet is only referred to, but never really mentioned. You get clues along the way.

If you enjoy a humorous read and like a different imaginary world, go on and read it. It’s not even 200 pages! I convinced a friend of mine to read it, even though she hadn’t read much fantasy or many English novels, and she had a blast.


3 thoughts on “The master storyteller’s debut novel

  1. Fab

    First of all, I am really touched that people follow up on my recommendations. I’m not used to that. It’s nice. I even got Sqt to read ‘The color of magic’ by Pratchett! That’s the first novel, Stewart. But I would recommend either Going Postal or even Feet of Clay. They are all good in fact. Or Soul Music, where Death takes some time off.Thank you Captain for adding me. I will add you too. I’m not so good with computers, so forgive me.

  2. Stewart Sternberg

    First, based on your recommendation, I have gotten hold of music by the Kaiser Chiefs, and I have to agree they are tremendous fun. Second, I dearly loved Good Omens, now I’m going to have to go and read some of Pratchett’s other work.Where would you recommend that I begin?

  3. Jean-Luc Picard

    Fab, I’ve actually read ‘Feet Of Clay’. It was really funny!I’ve added you on my bloglist.The funniest story was the one that involved them making a movie in an evil place called Holy Wood.

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