The illusion of happiness, or not

I stumbled on an article called: ‘Belgians should be happier’

Feeling addressed, I just wanted to know how happy they believe I should be. Apparently, young adults in general are happy, but pure happiness really kicks in after 55. Something to look forward to, I guess. Although many ‘over 55ers’ I know do nothing but complain about how things were better or used to be or talk about the fact they’ve started eating prunes in the morning (why do I meet such people? Prunes! I hate prunes.)

Location, location, location is key in being happy in Belgium as well, according to the writer. In the north, Flanders, you should imagine a scene from Snow White with little birdies and bunnies jumping along in the sunshine … and in the south, Wallonia, still sunshine but less birdies and bunnies. Hm. I live right in between both? So sunshine and one bunny for me?

Who did they consult for this poll? I don’t remember being asked? Can you generalize happiness to an entire nation? Yes, they take income, education, relationships into consideration. All valid elements to use. But it’s a bit personal and depends on what happens around you.

Maybe as a Belgian I should be happier than I am. Happiness, it’s something we all reach for, fingers outstretched. Catching it is a goal in life, saying it isn’t is lying. But people shouldn’t occupy themselves by telling others how they should be feeling. This article made me question the way my life is going and I don’t like it when articles do that. A little ignorance is bliss (as Calvin would say to Hobbes!).

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2 thoughts on “The illusion of happiness, or not

  1. Well, we are a humble people. (er, disregard the post I posted after this one now I just said ‘humble’…).Strange, Captain, you wonder the galaxy, but haven’t encounted many Belgians? Consider this First Contact.

  2. One doesn’t get many posts about Belgium!

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