Heroes: a series

For me, again a new discovery on TV: Heroes.
With some reservation, I did watch the commercials on this new series (new to Europe I guess), but fearing that the excitement and suspense it promised wouldn’t be fulfilled I didn’t watch it.

Well, now I wish I had. I saw episodes 3 & 4 and have no idea what it’s about exactly. Only that some people discover they have certain powers (stop time, revive, fly, see the future). Obviously the characters are linked (story-wise) together somehow … this will unfold no doubt as the series continues. But as we saw in Lost, I wonder if that will keep being realistic as it goes on.

If I’m perfectly honest, it only caught my attention because actor Milo Vertimigglia ( I hope I spelled is right) plays in it. So my motives are somewhat questionable.

Anyway, if anyone could summarize the first two episodes for me? Maybe I will just do some looking on the net.

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