Have you ever seen … Northern Exposure?

This week I watched some of the episodes of Northern Exposure, season 1, with my brother.
It’s sooo good, it’s beyond me that so few people know it or even remember it.

The series dates back from 1990 and is about a New York doctor, Joel Fleishman (played by Rob Morrow – now in the series Numb3rs as Don Epps),who has to practise his skills in an obscure little town in Alaska called Cicely for 4 years. Because Alaska sponsored his studies (scholarship), he is bound by contract to ‘serve’ his for years as the town’s doctor.

Oh please do rent or watch this series! I’ll even go down on my knees! Fun scenarios, good characters and acting … it’s all a TV-buff could wish for. The series got 16 nominations and 6 Emmy awards, but to me, even without the ‘oh so much’ deserved awards it is just one of my favorite shows.

It stars John Corbett as well as ‘Chris in the morning’-radioman (which most people know from Sex and the City or My Big Fat Greek Wedding – where he didn’t live up to his Northern Exposure potential in my eyes).

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever seen … Northern Exposure?

  1. I currently am at the second series, and it has been so long since I saw the final seasons (being a bit young at the time it originally aired). But you do make a point and it applies, unfortunately, to so many series. PS: I really love reading your blog.

  2. Stewart Sternberg September 28, 2009 — 9:28 PM

    I have the series on DVD. I loved it. The problem with Northern Exposure comes later in its run. This is an example of one of those series where they should have quit much earlier but tried to drain it. Once they lost the good doctor, they should have folded it in.

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