50 first dates (2004)

I recently saw a funny but endearing movie called 50 first dates.

Location: Hawaï. Henry, a veterinarian, is  a ladies man and broke many a heart of lovely tourists during their vacation romance. Henry, quite content with these scenarios, meets Lucy one day, a local. He falls madly in love with her, but Lucy is special … she has no short-term memory. So every day, she keeps forgetting she met him and he has to win her heart all over again each day …

Well, Henry is played by Adam Sandler. I am not fond of all his movies, but The Wedding Singer is one of my favourites of his. In said movie he also played with Drew Barrymore (Lucy in 50 first dates) and I find them a great team. They play very well together. And in this film, with such a sad story, they make it light and enjoyable to watch.

Rob Schneider plays Ula, Henry’s buddy. Rob’s acting is … an acquired taste. He can be pretty full-on sometimes.

Sean Austin (Hobbit Sam in Lord of the Rings, The Goonies) plays Drew’s brother, a would-be bodybuilder with a lisp.

I almost didn’t recognize Allan Covert as Ten Second Tom (he forgets things immediately after 10 seconds). I recognized the voice, but … again, a companion from Wedding Singer!

I laughed a lot during this movie (always a good thing) and the story is good. How would it be to remind someone every day who you are and what you have lived together!

I liked the 80’s music that was played during the movie! (wink wink to The Wedding Singer – was set in the 80’s). I can’t help but like it (although I was just a small child back then!).


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1 thought on “50 first dates (2004)

  1. zeg dat laad hier traag op. Is dat normaal? misschien zijn de foto’s te zwaar. Tis maar dat je het weet.

    (je weet wel wie ik ben – biepbiep)

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