Superman returns (2006)

As the title suggests: the man returns from space. Only things have changed: Lois engaged and a mom + no-one even notices him at the daily planet. Poor guy. But someone who has not forgotten him: his former foe, Lex Luther (evil guy). Lex gets it in his mind to recreate the world as we know it! Sound like a man with a plan! Will Superman save us? Or is he too troubled to get there in time …


A new man for the title role, Brandon Routh. Not bad (my humble opinion) for the part and even a resemblance to our so loved Christopher Reeves. Plus I will admit (being a woman) he is easy on the eyes. No seriously, I liked him as Superman/Clark Kent. By casting a lesser known actor for the part, Bryan Singer (X-Men) put the focus on the character, rather than the actor.

Then there’s Kate Bosworth (known from Blue Crush) as the lovely Lois Lane. I was surprised to see her in the part, but she played a very mature and convincing Lois. Again, well cast.

And then, mister Evil Guy: Kevin Spacey. I loved him in American Beauty (and loathed him in K-Pax – 2 hours I will never get back). He was funny and pretty evil as Luther. Being the enemy comes naturally to him.


Good movie. Visuals are very well done. For that alone, you should go watch it. I really liked this movie and have seen it several times now. It’s entertainment.

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