New things coming

A new year, a new start.

I hope 2007 has good things in store, because I thing the universe owes me. Harsh? Well, I have worked my butt off these last few months, indulged some very annoying people as well and have worked through some hard times. So 2007, you better be warned!

But I shouldn’t put my hopes and faith in an abstract thing as a year. It’s people who make things possible, who allow opportunities to take place. So actually, I hope and have faith in myself to take more control and create happiness for myself. “Be assertive”, will be my motto! Well, let’s see how long I will keep that motto, being pessimistic by nature.

But for now, I hope I’ll pass my exams, have a great time at my work placement in February and meet interesting people along the way.

So happy new year to all, and Appelmoez (if you read this) a lot of happiness to you as well! I love you heaps!!


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