Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

What can I say about this book? Good, exiting, mysterious, dark, funny and some plot twists.

I have stumbled into the world of Gaiman books and I just can’t get enough. Apparently Neverwhere was a fantasy series for the BBC, but not being able to do it all his way Gaiman wrote the novel.
Richard Mayhew is a business man living in London, has a steady job and a beautiful fiancee. Pretty soon he realizes he didn’t have anything to be complaining about when one evening he offers to help a girl who is bleeding on the sidewalk. Life as he knew it changed that moment. He is pulled into a series of events where he has no control over and learns about London Below, where odd and bizarre things happen. Result: no more job, no more fiancee, no more life. Desperately trying to regain control over his life in London Above, he has to survive first …
It was really a novel that captivates you and makes you curious and more curious with each page read. The main characters I found a lot of fun: ignorant Richard and strong Lady Door. You are kept guessing who orders the hit men right up to the end and I got surprised 2 or 3 times by some characters, which I always like. (Keeps one on their toes, doesn’t it!)
Sadly enough I was a bit disappointed by the ending (which I will not give away). I had expectations, but Gaiman took it the other way. Actually, it’s a good thing. But still, … Maybe good for a sequel, which I doubt very much will ever be made.

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