Strange little surprising coincidences in my life

Isn’t it weird how you can get surprised by familiar things or persons? It all depends on where you meet them. Mostly where you wouldn’t expect them.

Last week I had such a shock, but it was a pleasant one. I was on the subway on my way home. Thinking about stuff, not really paying attention. Just looking at a lovely bag a girl on te sub was wearing on her shoulder, thinking: “I wonder where she bought that.” When suddenly she turned around and looked me in the face. For a split second I was confused and gasped for air so loudly, a couple of people turned around to see what the commotion was about. That girl was my best friend at university whom I hadn’t heard from in months. She was just as surprised.

Now you may think that this is a bit silly, but she wasn’t supposed to be there. Neither was I. She doesn’t live nearby and I wasn’t supposed to be on the subway that early. My classes finished earlier than expected. The fact that we were both in the same wagon at that particular time was bizarre. Coincidence? I wonder.

Isn’t it strange that on the day you stay home ill, they just happen to show a special feature on your favourite band on tv? That the moment you want to call someone they happen to ring you on that same moment? Or that you happen you talk about something in particular with your friends and later that evening the same thing is mentioned in the novel you’re reading? Things like that freak me out! And I haven’t said anything about ‘déjà vu’ either!

Some days I think I’m a bit strange.

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