Going postal

Who out there does not enjoy humor and a good laugh? No, seriously, who doesn’t? I wonder.

I’m talking about GOING POSTAL.

The main character is Moist Von Lipwig (pronounced Lipvig, but due to his occupation he goes by a dozen other names as well) and is a 26-year-old swindler, fraud and lives life to the fullest … until he finds himself with a noose around his neck, ready to be hanged! Waiting to fall through the trapdoor to meet his creator, he falls into … a government job?

As sinister as this book begins, the more exiting and fun it gets. With every novel I read, I think: “now this one can’t possibly be topped!” and yet again, dear Pratchett does it. And I must say, it was the fastest I have read a novel from cover to cover. (But maybe that’s just the case for me?!)

Take a peak at:

http://www.harpercollins.com/features/pratchettBooks/description.aspx?isbn=9780060013134 and there is even an audio fragment, but I do not recommend it. Hearing the prologue does not urge you to read the book. So preferably, do not listen to it unless you just can’t help it. (But I warned you!)
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