Music for the soul

I love music. My radio always plays in my house. But mostly I play CD’s, cause “radio” does not always play what I like or always the same silly things.
It made me think about albums that have made an impact on me. I wonder if these have had the same effect on others?
(In no specific order)
  1. The SmithsBest … 1 (huge impact on me when I was 11 years old)
  2. Pearl JamPearl Jam (it sounded so raw and still does)
  3. The CureWish (happy songs, sad songs: best CD for initiating non-Curist to Curist)
  4. PJ HarveyTales from the city, tales from the sea (the energy!)
  5. The presidents of the United States of America (PUSA) – (just about every CD cause they make me laugh, so much humor)
  6. Siouxie and the BansheesNocturne (well, only cause Robert Smith plays on it)
  7. The CranberriesNo need to argue (they’re Irish and kickin’)
  8. David Bowie‘s Ashes to ashes (for personal reasons)
  9. Johnny Cash‘s I’ve been everywhere (just admiring that lung capacity on that song)
  10. Green DayAmerican Idiot

I’m not saying they are the best things ever (debatable), but they have something … worth discovering. There is more out there than pop songs and commercial trash.

Go exploring! I dare you!

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