Pratchett fanatic

Anyone should at least once in their life have read a Terry Pratchett-novel. Although he doesn’t want to be accused of writing literature (noted in every preface), it is sooo entertaining!

I stumbled into the Pratchett world through my brother. He’s always reading one of the Discworld-novels, unable to put it down. Occasionally, laughing out loud. At first I thought you must be mad to like those so-called fantasy books. I mean, it’s absurd to have a story taken place on a world that is a disc carried by 4 elephants, on top of a tortoise moving through the universe! … but then, I must definitely be mad because I am hooked.

I’m not saying it was easy getting through the first couple of books, with the amount of characters in each novel. But once you’ve fallen in love with your favorite character you can’t wait to see what mad adventure awaits them next time. Even though it’s either a wizard (Rincewind), a witch (Nanny Ogg) or even the granddaughter of Death (Susan). Writing exiting stories that can make you suddenly laugh out loud (happened to me once or twice in public too) is good writing to me!

What appeals to me is how good a judge of human nature Pratchett is. I admit, mostly he makes them larger than life. Half the time you go “I knew someone like that once”.

If I can recommend a novel for a first time reader it must be WYRD SISTERS. It blew me away. Excerpt of chapter one on:

To me, a Pratchett novel is like soul food … or in his case: SOUL CAKE.

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